LMF International Language Academy

Why Study At LMF?


We have a record of nearly 200 students from about 15 different countries. LMF is a host to learners from a multi-cultural background.

Internationally-recognised Programmes

LMF is registered with the Malaysian Government and a selection of our English programmes are accredited by our Australian partners, Bridge Business College and the Australian National College of English [ANCE].

Teaching Quality Assurance

At LMF, we strive tirelessly to provide high-calibre education for all our students always. In-house quality evaluation is conducted on a regular basis by the management as well as submitted through private feedback and rating by our students. LMF then modify and improve on the quality of our services built on these assessments.

Affordability and Fairness In Admission

At LMF, we offer world-class education at a competitive rate for all our students regardless of their race, gender or background. LMF guarantees an admission process that is fair and unbiased – our institution does not practice discrimination and treat all our students equally.

Dynamic Teaching Methodology

Our method of delivering our lessons is coupled with real-life interactions leading to the rapid improvement of your language skills.

Real-Life Applicable Lessons

Engaging lessons with a comprehensive coverage of the most relevant array of topics from the English, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese-speaking world.

Student-Oriented Learning Approach

LMF’s innovative student-oriented learning approach in small groups guarantees adequate personal attention, within a diverse mix of various cultures and nationalities.

Flexible Education Pathways

Our students may choose to tailor their learning goals in our Private Classes to suit specific aims and interests, or opt to join our interactive Group Classes which provide them with a multitude of choices in education progression such as furthering their studies by earning a Diploma upon successful completion of the Certificate IV course.
Another instance is our ANCE-accredited English programmes that allow progression into many institutes of higher learning upon successful completion of the programmes.
LMF’s self-paced e-Learning courses in General English, Business English, Korean and Mandarin are also suitable for self-study around one’s busy working schedule. The e-learning study periods are very flexible and based entirely on self-discipline and additional student support from our administration.

Strategic Location

Our Sunway and Puchong Campuses are conveniently located in the heart of Bandar Sunway and Bandar Puteri Puchong. Both locations are easily accessible by public transportation and are walking distance to amenities.

Work Placement Assistance

For our students who wish to pursue their education in Australia, LMF offers a free-of-charge work placement service to assist students who may be living on a tight budget in the country to manage themselves economically and achieve financial security.