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Korean Language Programmes

Learn how to speak, read, and understand in our beginner level. Meanwhile, our teachers will share with you the Korean culture, cooking and eating etiquette. You will have NO problems dealing with your Korean friends.





2 months(8 Lessons per level)

Topik Examination

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Price shown above are excluded SST.
LMF is facilitating small group learning so the maximum number of students is 10
Please WhatsApp us for the date of the coming intake at https://wa.me/60103679928
The course fee for Group Class is pay for 1 level with 24 hours course.
For Weekday Group Class, it takes 6 weeks to complete due to 2 hours per class and 2 classes per week.
For Weekend Group Class, it takes 8 weeks to complete due to 3 hours per class and only 1 class per week.