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you can learn wherever you want, even in the comfort of your own bedroom!

Flexible Schedule

you can learn whenever you want, so long as you have access to the internet and your laptop or mobile phone!

Self-Paced Study

you can set your own learning targets and achieve them at your own pace!

Save Time

you do not have to be caught in traffic day-after-day just to travel to a school.

Save Money

lowered costs especially since you do not have to pay for transport or course textbooks/materials fee.

Recordable Online Buddy Session

you can record your Online Buddy Sessions and listen to them again and again for revision if you download the correct software for this feature.

Customizable Course Focus

you can work with your Personal Buddy or Mentor to focus on specific needs such as pronunciation or perhaps writing skills.

Develop Self-Discipline

you will learn valuable time management skills when you commit to self-paced study and this will help you advance in your personal and professional life.

E-Learning: Innovative Distance Learning At Your Convenience

Learn English, Mandarin or Korean anytime, anywhere with some of the finest language trainers! At LMF International Language Academy, we provide our students with high-quality digital materials ranging from basic to advanced levels.

Our online programmes cover phonics/pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, idiomatic/figurative language, as well as tips to develop writing skills with a customizable focus on general or business contexts depending on your corporate or individual aims and needs.

Learners will also be paired with a Personal Buddy or Mentor at the beginning of their course who will be prepared to answer questions, offer student support, as well as counsel or provide advice throughout the learner’s educational journey. One-on-one attention is also guaranteed in each 45-minute Private Online Buddy Session which is conducted in a live atmosphere via interactive video conferencing technology.

Each lesson includes an engaging tutorial, practice exercises, end of Online Buddy Session Assessment as well as an End of Term Assessment and Feedback that monitors your language progress objectively and formatively coupled with suggestions, advice and guidance on areas to improve.

LMF International Language Academy brings our Golden Bull award-winning teaching concept to you wherever you are located! The course tutorials are delivered in a Self-Study mode which means you can tailor the hours you spend on each unit around your busy schedule and study anytime you are free to do so!

The key requirements are satisfactory internet connection, access to a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone that supports the Google Classroom app, and commitment, and you are on your way to succeeding in rapidly improving your desired language skills!

Engaging E-Learning Language Courses offered by LMF International Language Academy:

  • General English
  • Business Enlgish
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
***All our e-learning language courses may be customized to some extent to suit corporate or personal needs – kindly speak to our Programme Advisor for further details.