LMF International Language Academy

Australian English Elicos

Introduction: LMF-ANCE Partnership

LMF International Language Academy has teamed up with the globally-distinguished Australian National College of English [ANCE] to bring you the very best English language programmes delivered through ELICOS for academic, professional and personal purposes.

LMF International Language Academy provides engaging ANCE certifications in
  • General English
  • Business English
  • IELTS Preparation

‘English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students’, better known as ELICOS, are internationally-recognised Australian-developed English as a Second Language [ESL] programmes suitable for learners who wish to pursue further education in Australia or to enhance their English language skills to a satisfactory level for professional or personal reasons.

ANCE-based ELICOS courses delivered through LMF International Language Academy cater especially to non-native speakers of English by arming students with practical opportunities to improve their language proficiency in the fours skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing with the aim of building communicative confidence in each learner.

Most countries in the world do not currently have a regulating body over ESL training. In Australia, the ELICOS programmes are fully-regulated by their government to ensure high-quality English language teaching is provided.

All ELICOS trainings are endorsed by NEAS, Australia Future Limited as well as English Australia which is the national peak body and association for the English language sector of international education.

  • Acquire an internationally-recognised Australian-accredited ANCE certification that provides flexible Study Paths through an established language academy in Malaysia.
  • Engaging lessons with a comprehensive coverage of the most relevant array of topics from the English-speaking world.
  • Dynamic teaching methods are coupled with real-life interactions leading to the rapid improvement of your language skills.
  • LMF’s innovative student-oriented learning approach in small groups guarantees adequate personal attention, within a diverse mix of various cultures and nationalities.
  • Convenient location that is easily assessible by public transport.
  • Classrooms are fully-equipped with SmartTVs, computers and wireless internet.
  • Students are given access to the most up-to-date learning materials in an interactive, intensive-immersion environment.
Minimum entry requirements are:
  • Aged 13 years old or above.
  • Successful completion of Placement Test for consideration into the chosen level.
  • If not a Malaysian citizen, the student must be legally permitted to study in Malaysia for the entire duration of the ANCE course.

Upon the successful completion of appropriate levels of ELICOS training, students may opt for exit into their desired academic programmes to further their education. Students can plan to meet their necessary English proficiency prerequisite for their chosen university course through ELICOS and they are also welcomed to participate in the language programmes for non-academic purposes.

The Study Paths diagram illustrates the simplicity of the ELICOS entry and exit points which are flexible to suit every English language need of the student – graduates can choose to enter and exit the system at any point and still benefit from the ELICOS certification.

An exciting range of General English courses are offered to help students achieve the level of English they require to succeed in their academic, professional or personal life.

ANCE General English courses are divided into four levels:

  • Elementary at CFR Level A2
  • Pre-Intermediate at CFR Level B1
  • Intermediate at CFR B1+
  • Upper Intermediate at CFR Level B2

To excel in the professional or corporate world, our ANCE-certified Business English courses enhance students’ proficiency in real-world settings at:

  • Intermediate at CFR Level B1
  • Upper Intermediate at CFR Level B2

LMF offers two ANCE-based IELTS Preparation courses to assist learners who plan to enroll into university, college, apply for a Visa or even for migration purposes:

  • Intermediate at CFR Level B1 [IELTS 4.5-5.0]
  • Upper Intermediate at CFR Level B2 [IELTS 5.5-6.5]