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We, LMF International Language Academy Crafting Beautiful Experience

In a global society, LMF International Language Academy offers more than just language courses, training programmes and education consultation. We provide students with consistent and reliable access to languages in an interactive, intensive-immersion environment.

LMF integrates excellent and innovative approach in language with a curriculum that incorporates culture, world languages and area studies. We also hope to offer students the opportunities to identify the right pathway for further studies abroad.


Since the birth of the company in 2009, LMF has invested a lot of time and effort to ensure it continues to deliver high-quality yet affordable education to learners from diverse backgrounds. As a testimony of our hard work, perseverance, and dedication, our academy received the prestigious Golden Bull Award in 2017 attaining the honour of the best small and medium-sized entreprise [SME] in Malaysia.

From the humble beginnings of a one-room learning centre that provided private lessons to 3-4 students at a time, LMF currently has a record of nearly 200 students studying Mandarin, English, Korean, French and Japanese language from Beginner to Advanced Levels. We are also presently qualified to represent several institutions of higher learning such as our Australian partners, IDP Education, Bridge Business College, Australian National College of English [ANCE], Australian National Institute of Business and Technology [ANIBT], the Royal Gurkhas Institute of Technology [RGIT], Edupathway and Ample Education Service. In accompaniment to these partnerships, LMF guides students who wish to study in Australia with their queries regarding Visa application and educational pathway options as well.

As we are preparing to expand our threshold from our Sunway Headquarters to include a campus in Puchong by the 1st of February 2018, we decided to change our logo to a version that better reflects our core values and vision. From the colour to the symbols, we wish for our logo to be in sync with how we continue to build our identity in a way that complements the innovative approaches we take to do what we do through the best means possible.



LMF stands for the company’s promises and brand core values in delivering Learning through Motivation and Fun to all our students, and the letters are in the colour black to indicate boldness and authority in taking a proactive stance in one’s educational journey. The three blue petals signify LMF’s three anchor divisions, namely:

  • Languages
  • Academics
  • Services

The colour blue is often associated with the water element which reflects confidence, intellect, reliability, trust and stability – LMF’s three blue petals are inspired by these qualities. In the same way water can be both liquid, or solid as in ice, so is our students’ future shaped by the skills they gain at our institution that enhances their ability to remain adaptable and flexible in life. The evolution and stages of knowledge-acquisition is symbolised by the maturity of the light-blue coloured petal in our logo which progresses to a deeper blue representing profound wisdom. LMF’s new logo reveals the deeper meaning behind how every drop of water contributes to the mighty ocean, through our high-calibre, innovative learning approach.